A missing Alabama woman found alive after surviving for weeks in the woods is lucky to have survived and is back home with her family recovering, police said Wednesday.

Lisa Theris, 25, of Louisville was covered in scrapes and bug bites and dropped as much as 50 pounds to her current of 110 pounds during the ordeal, said Sgt. Chad Faulkner of the Bullock County Sheriff's Office.

"She was in really, really bad shape," Faulkner said.

Sheriff Raymond Rodgers tells WSFA-TV that Theris was lost in the woods of southeast Alabama for almost one month. She was found Saturday walking along a highway outside of Union Springs, located about 45 miles (70 km) from Montgomery.

Rodgers said Theris survived by drinking water from a brook and eating berries and mushrooms. Faulkner tells WTVY-TV that the two men Theris was last seen with are being questioned, but haven't been legally implicated in the case.

Theris was facing a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge in Coffee County at the time of her disappearance, court records show, but Faulkner said there as "no way" she made up the tale of living in the woods to avoid prosecution.

"This wasn't anything anybody could fabricate," he said.

Separately, Mobile County court records show Knollwood Apartments asked a court to evict Theris from an apartment in Mobile in 2016, claiming she owed about $1,100 in unpaid rent. An attorney for the company, John Lee, said Theris still owed money but declined to say how much.

Faulkner said he has no doubt that Theris' disappearance was genuine because no one would put themselves through the sort of ordeal that Theris appeared to endure. Released from a hospital, Theris is now recovering at home with relatives, he said.

"That's what matters," said Faulkner.