Ohio man held in murder of 5-year-old niece

An Ohio uncle confessed to murdering his 5-year-old niece Tuesday by hitting her in the head,  Fox19.com reported, citing court papers.

Authorities found the antique cutting tool allegedly used in the girl's death at the home east of Cincinnati where Jada Beth Williams' body was located, Highland County Sheriff Ron Ward said. Preliminary autopsy results found that the girl died of blunt injury to the head, face and neck. Authorities earlier described the tool as a sickle or scythe.

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The child's body was found Sunday in a plastic container in the garage of the home in Jackson Township where she was living with the uncle and her grandmother, Ward said. The grandmother called 911 Sunday afternoon, saying the girl was dead and covered in blood.

"My granddaughter is dead," the grandmother said in a 911 call obtained by Fox19.com. "I just came home, she was here with the guy I live with and she is dead. Oh my God, can you please hurry up."

The uncle, Matthew Pierson, 18, has been charged with murder. He told authorities he killed his niece Saturday in the house and described a weapon used to strike her, a detective said in an affidavit filed in Hillsboro Municipal Court. Pierson also talked about "placing the body in the position in which Jada's body was found," the detective said.

Authorities declined to comment on a possible motive. A judge set bail at $500,000 at his arraignment Tuesday. Pierson's attorney, J. D. Wagoner, did not return phone calls.

Highland County Prosecutor Anneka Collins declined to comment Tuesday, but said more charges were possible. A preliminary hearing was set for Aug. 23.

The sheriff said another man who was in custody earlier for questioning has been released.

Jackson Township is about 60 miles east of Cincinnati.

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Fox News' Edmund DeMarche and The Associated Press contributed to this report