NYPD searches for 2 drivers accused of running over the same man

Police were on the hunt Monday for two separate drivers accused of running over the same man minutes apart in New York City early Sunday morning, killing him.

Doodnach Lalchan, 43, was crossing a Queens street around 2:30 a.m. after leaving a party when he fell in the street, ABC7 reported. Surveillance video showed that about 20 seconds later, a car drove over him. Two minutes after that, another car ran him over.

Finally, a white car approached Lalchan and stopped. The driver of that car reportedly tried to offer aid – but it was too late.

Lalchan, who performed in a Trinidadian drum band and was known as “Phantom,” was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials are searching for the drivers of the two vehicles. One of the vehicles was a black SUV, PIX11 reported.