NYPD captain accused of clocking out after learning 2 officers were shot

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An NYPD captain “at the end of his tour” had better things to do than waste his time at the hospital when two cops were shot in the line of duty — so he just headed home like any other day, sources told The Post.

Capt. Scott Forster, 31, was stripped of his gun and badge and faces demotion to lieutenant for his blasé reaction to the attack early Saturday.

Forster was on the clock at the 71st Precinct in Brooklyn when a gunman wounded Officers William Reddin and Andrew Yurkiw in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The captain was told about the shooting, but went home to Staten Island instead of going to the scene or to Kings County Hospital — which is in his precinct.

“He was at the end of his tour and he didn’t do what he was supposed to do, which is to go to the hospital and set up the hospital visits,” a law enforcement source said. “That’s not something that’s looked favorably upon when two cops are shot.”

Another source said Forster didn’t answer his phone despite multiple calls telling him to come back.

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