Neighbors bravery helps Indiana family of 5 escape house fire alive

An Indianapolis family sees their home go up in flames and barely escapes with their lives.

Five people were inside when the fire broke out Thursday afternoon on Udell street on the city’s near northwest side.

The front of the house was charred black and destroyed, but the 5 people inside escaped with only minor injuries thanks to some brave and quick thinking neighbors.

“I heard someone hollering through the side for help. The whole front of the house was ablaze.  I took a 55 gallon drum and busted side window and went in there after him,” said neighbor Joe Mobley.

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After climbing in the side window, Mobley found a paralyzed man strapped to a hospital style bed, unable to escape on his own.

“I unstrapped him from the bed and handed him out the window and then I dove out,” said Mobley.

Fire crews confirm Joe’s story and had him checked out for smoke inhalation.

The man he pushed out the window did suffer some cuts and had to be taken to the hospital, but it could have been a lot worse.

“The fire was right there.  I could see it.  I could feel the heat off it,” said Mobley.

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