Mormon women's group board member says she's forced to resign post to keep temple privileges

A Mormon women's group board member says she was forced to resign her leadership position as a condition of renewing her church temple privileges.

April Young Bennett of South Jordan, Utah, says her stake president told her she would have to leave Ordain Women's board if she wanted to keep her so-called temple "recommend."

The Salt Lake Tribune reports ( ) she thought she had little choice but to comply because she wanted to attend her brother's temple wedding.

Local Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints officials issue "recommends" to devout Mormons attesting to members' worthiness to participate in the faith's most sacred temple rituals. They confirm through interviews that members' beliefs and actions conform to standards of the church.

Ordain Women supports expanding the all-male Mormon priesthood to include women, which the church opposes.


Information from: The Salt Lake Tribune,