Man accused of beating mother with skillet on Thanksgiving, saying she 'would be with Jesus soon'

A Missouri man was arrested for allegedly beating his mother with a skillet, choking her and telling her she “would be with Jesus soon” as she prayed for her life, court documents stated.

Larry J. Oates, 55, is accused of slamming a six-inch skillet on the back of his mother’s head at their Kansas City home on Thursday, FOX4 Kansas City reported. The mother-son duo was sitting at the dinner table when they got into an argument, according to court documents. The mother told police her son climbed on top of her and began choking her when she fell to the ground.

Oates allegedly continued to attack her as she attempted to fight back. When she began praying, he told her she “would be with Jesus soon,” according to FOX4KC. She eventually passed out as Oates was punching her in the face, authorities said.

Police arrived at the home and found the mother with bruises and blood on her head and face. Blood was also smeared on the floor and dining room table, according to FOX4KC.

Oates was arrested and charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action, FOX4KC reported. He told police his mother got into an accident, but then changed his story and said she was assaulted. He reportedly denied getting into an argument or attacking his mother.