Legoland wants to hire lifeguard who was fired for leaving post to save swimmer

The Florida lifeguard fired for leaving his designated zone to help a drowning man may be able to lock onto a new gig.

Legoland, Florida's newest water park, has made a standing offer to Tomas Lopez to come protect swimmers at the Winter Haven resort.

"We find your efforts to be the work of a  true model citizen," wrote the park's general manager, Adrian Jones. "Your quick-thinking and life-saving skills demonstrated last week prove that you would be an excellent addition to our team."

Legoland also offered jobs to as many as nine lifeguards who quit their jobs in solidarity with Lopez. The theme park did not say how much the job would pay.

Lopez, 21, made headlines last month after he was fired by employer Jeff Ellis & Associates for helping to save a drowning man outside his jurisdiction while on-duty at Hallendale Beach, breaking company policy.

After the incident, nine lifeguards were either fired or quit in support of Lopez's heroic act. A few days later, Lopez was offered his job back but declined the offer.

Lopez later received a key to the city of Hallendale Beach.