A man accused of trying to kidnap a young Utah girl from her bedroom probably won't use mental health as part of his defense, his lawyer said Monday.

However, drugs might have been a factor in the case of 48-year-old Troy Morley, who is charged with felony child kidnapping in the attempt that was thwarted by the 5-year-old girl's father, attorney Roger Kraft said.

Morley's father, Gary Stokes, said his son was slipped unidentified drugs at a motel and didn't know what he was doing when he tried to take the child early the morning of Nov. 7. He said his son might have taken the girl because he was worried about being shot by police.

"He went to everyone's house trying to get help because he didn't know what was wrong with him," said Stokes, who shared a similar story last month. "He wasn't using his head that day."

Detective Robert Webb has said that after his arrest a few blocks from the girl's home, Morley rambled about drug cartels, the FBI and voices coming from a radio.

At a court appearance Monday, Kraft said he will not be seeking a competency review to determine if Morley is mentally fit for trial.

Judge Charlene Barlow gave lawyers more time to investigate evidence. Morley is due back in court March 2, but Kraft said it might be some time before Morley enters a plea in the case.

Prosecutor Nathan Evershed said the state is completing final tests and interviews in the case. Morley is being held on $2 million bail.

A judge decided last month that there is enough evidence for Morley to stand trial on kidnapping and other charges.

Police say Morely stopped at a hotel in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy on his way back from Nevada because he was tired. But he later left and started walking around the neighborhood where the girl lives with her parents, Stephanie and Aaron Edson.

Morley told the detective he discovered a door ajar at their home, went inside and found the girl in her room.

The sound of the front door opening woke the couple, who were especially concerned when they heard her voice because their daughter has cerebral palsy and physical limitations that make it difficult for her to walk. They say they didn't leave a door open.

Aaron Edson followed Morley outside and calmly asked him to give the girl back.

Morley handed her over and said he needed to go to a church, but to call the FBI if anything happened to him.