Jack Broughton, Vietnam War fighter pilot who criticized military leaders, dies in California

Jack Broughton (BROH'-tuhn), the celebrated Air Force fighter pilot who flew more than 200 missions in Korea and Vietnam and later became an outspoken critic of military leaders, has died.

His son Mark said Wednesday that Broughton died Oct. 24 at a Laguna Hills hospital. He was 89 and had been treated for a variety of ailments.

As a star pilot Col. Jack Broughton received the Air Force Cross and two Silver Star citations.

But his career was ended after a high-profile court-martial during the Vietnam War. Broughton was accused of violating the rules of engagement that ruled certain targets off limits.

The court-martial was expunged, but Broughton retired.

After leaving the Air Force, Broughton weighed heavy criticism on the Pentagon and President Lyndon Johnson for mismanagement of the war.