How to Avoid YouTube Pitfalls According to Evan Carmichael

Success doesn't happen overnight -- it takes practice and persistence. Take it from Entrepreneur Network partner Evan Carmichael. Carmichael recorded on camera 700 times before he finally felt comfortable.

In this video interview, Carmichael discusses how to avoid three major pitfalls when starting your YouTube career. From setting your expectations to forming a team, Carmichael outlines a pathway to success as an on-camera star. He emphasizes the importance of being realistic and aware that things won't take off right away, as well as avoiding self-criticism. Don't compare yourself to others. Use successful people as motivation, but only compare yourself to yourself. Be better than you were yesterday, Carmichael encourages.

If you've got the commitment and passion, it's only a matter of practice and patience until your YouTube career takes off.

Watch more videos from Richard Yagutilov on his YouTube channel here.

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