Fewer than 3 hours into their hike, trouble

At 11am Saturday, they began hiking in California's Mojave Desert. By about 1:30pm, they were out of water and Kathie Barber's 60-year-old husband was missing. The 113-degree heat spared neither of them: Barber, 58, and Gen Miake were found near Amboy Crater and pronounced dead at the scene.

The Los Angeles Times reports the Yorba Linda couple was found in an area void of shade, about 300 feet from each other. ABC7 reports Barber had called police at 1:36pm to say she couldn't locate Miake, who had a heart condition, and a helicopter was dispatched.

KTLA reports Miake was found at 4:05pm and Barber about 15 minutes later. (This father and son died in a stifling national park in June.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Couple Dies Hours Into Hike Amid 113-Degree Heat