Father holds out hope after son disappears in Boston

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The last thing Matthew Marr texted his son, Zachary Marr, was “I love you.”

That was Friday night. Matthew hasn’t heard from Zachary since.

The last known image of Zachary is from surveillance video near a Boston bar, the Bell In Hand Tavern. Zachary left his coat in the bar and went outside to smoke a cigarette about 1:50 a.m. What happened next to the 22-year-old is unknown.

“They were having a great time,” Matthew told The Boston Globe. “There were some snapchats, saying we ought to do this again. This is great. They were out on the dance floor, celebrating his birthday in the big city. Why would he ditch his cousins after that?”

Amanda Marr, one of Zachary’s cousins who was out with him on Friday, told WBZ she got a text from Zachary shortly after he left the bar saying that he couldn’t get back in.

“Maybe he got jumped,” Matthew said. “Maybe they took his cellphone.”

The Bell In Hand, however, disputed that Zachary wouldn’t have been able to get back in.

“The video clearly shows that Zachary did not try to re-enter the Bell In Hand,” the tavern said in a Facebook post. “It does, however, shot several other customers leaving and re-entering. He would not have been denied access. Other video has shown he was last seen in front of the garage heading towards surface artery.”

Regardless, Amanda said when she went outside to check on Zachary he was gone. Numerous calls to his cellphone went directly to voicemail.

As he hopes to see his son again, Matthew, who resides in Harvard, is blanketing the Boston area with missing posters.

“It’s a good, loving family, and all of a sudden it’s like day and night,” Matthew said. “If the outcome is having to go to a funeral, we’re all going to be devastated. I don’t want anybody to blame themselves for what happened.”