While folks nationwide fire up the barbecues for the Memorial Day holiday, a military family is scrambling to find its missing soldier daughter.

Former Army military police officer Ashley Meiss, 30, left her Ogden, Kansas, home for a jog on May 17 without her keys, wallet or phone, and hasn’t been heard from since two days later — when she called a friend from a blocked number and told her she was feeling down about a messy ongoing divorce and child-custody battle.

Family and friends fear Meiss set out to harm herself, and are pleading with her to come home.

“She’s loved and the family needs to hear from her,” worried dad Tom Lewis told the Post by phone from Meiss’s Kansas home. “She’s got two beautiful children that need their mother.

“My gut tells me that there’s something really wrong here. You don’t just leave like that — especially not my daughter. If she’s here, she’s not alive — and if she’s gone, we have no idea where at or who she could be with.”

Lewis, a retired Marine who flew to Kansas from his North Carolina home to aid the search last week, will spend his Memorial Day flying back home with his 4- and 6-year-old grandkids so they won’t be exposed to the drama of their missing mother.

“The kids have no idea what’s going on,” he said. “The kids are gonna come stay with us for like the next six weeks.”

Meiss’s brother Chris said he’s spending the day trawling Facebook for leads on his missing sibling.

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