Extensive contraption: Team seeks record with chain reaction machine at Detroit science center

A team at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit wants to set a record for building the largest chain reaction machine.

Plans call for it to be activated Saturday and run nearly 30 minutes. It's expected to include more than half a million objects, including about 200,000 dominoes and thousands of other common objects.

The lead builder is Steve Price, a Michigan State University student and a native of the Detroit suburb of Canton Township. He has built other Rube Goldberg machines, but this one includes hundreds of steps and will be his largest one to date.

It's called the "Zeal Credit Union's Incredible Science Machine," since a credit union is backing the effort. According to event organizers, the current Guinness World Records mark for a Rube Goldberg machine had 300 steps and ran for about 2 minutes.

Zeal Credit Union Vice President Lisa Fawcett said Price's work is a clear example of following a passion.

"We knew we needed to support these builders in any way we could," she said in a statement, and the credit union understands "the hard work and passion required to pursue a dream of this magnitude."