Casey Anthony Reportedly Plans to Use False Name, Disguises Upon Release From Jail

Casey Anthony will likely wear disguises and live under an assumed name at a secret location after she is released from prison this weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, quoting a source close to her legal team.

Anthony was found not guilty last week of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, but was convicted of lying to authorities about the child's 2008 disappearance.

She was sentenced to one year for each of four counts of lying to investigators, but will be released on Sunday because of time already served in jail.

The verdict touched off a wave of national outrage and the paper reported the unidentified source said she believes, "Casey really does not completely understand the depth of hatred out there."

"She's fully aware of the various death threats, of course, but she thinks that's isolated to relatively few nutcases," the source told the newspaper.

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Once Anthony arrives at the secret location where she will live, she's expected to use a pseudonym "almost as if she was living in a witness protection-like program," the source reportedly said.

She is also considering various disguises, although she's rejected the option of plastic surgery, according to the source.

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