Car plows into Dallas-area Metro PCS store, hits woman

A Texas woman received minor injuries after a car suddenly plowed into a Metro PCS store and rammed her, authorities said.

Surveillance video caught the extremely close call Saturday morning. Dallas police said an unidentified teenage driver accidentally pushed the gas instead of the brake while stopping in front of the store.

A customer and female employee, who is eight months pregnant, managed to jump out of the way.

Diane Min, who was working at the Metro PCS store, appeared to take a direct hit.

“You’re talking about a 4,000-pound vehicle coming through a wall,” Min’s daughter’s boyfriend, Jason Mareno, told FOX4 News. “You’re right behind it, so you’re getting hit by a door, a wall and a truck.”

Surveillance video from inside the store shows the driver appearing to make a left turn as if to park, but then jumping the curb and crashing into the store. The driver keeps going through the store and appears to hit Min through a wall before coming to a stop in an adjacent store.

Moments later, the video shows the customer running out of the store followed by the driver. Min is seen standing up near the vehicle and walking away.

She was taken to a local hospital and did not suffer serious injuries.

“Like an angel was riding with her. Because if you look at it, she just gets blown away and she disappears,” Mareno said. “Which doesn’t make any sense because it looks like she got pushed between the wall and the truck and then she just pops up. Like an angel just picked her up and said, ‘Here’s your nine lives. Go about your business.'”

Police said the driver was not issued a citation because it was an accident, FOX4 News reported. Min is expected to return to work next week.