Campus buzz: College hires company to non-lethally remove thousands of invading honeybees

It stung when a massive invasion of honeybees forced Catawba College's class of 2015 to hold its graduation elsewhere. But officials are now saying enough is enough: It's time for the bees to buzz off.

News media outlets are reporting the school found a massive honeycomb inside a wall of one of the college's buildings. The bees apparently were entering through a small seam in the building's brick exterior.

In addition to the graduation, officials were forced to cancel several other activities slated for the building in May and early June.

Spokeswoman Tonia Black-Gold said the college has hired a company to remove the bees in a non-lethal way. Wildlife biologist Bryan Bosley estimates nearly 100,000 bees have been removed — but there are as many as 300,000 to go.