‘Traveling Trash Men’ converge on Baltimore in bid to clean up the city

A group of sanitation workers who call themselves the “Traveling Trash Men” have converged on Baltimore in a bid to help clean up the city.

The men, numbering nearly a dozen and reportedly hailing from New York and Florida, are sweeping up streets and sidewalks and removing debris as part of “Operation Baltimore Cleanup,” which runs through Saturday.

“I started seeing local videos from people who live here showing how bad it was and I couldn’t believe it,” John Rourke, one of the group's members, told WBFF.

“We noticed within 30 minutes of being here people started coming out of their homes and started asking for garbage bags and they started picking up trash in the streets, so that was really cool to see,” he added.


A Facebook event created by the group -- which vows to be “cleaning up our inner cities one block at a time!” -- says members will be in the southwest Baltimore area until Saturday afternoon before heading home. It then will create a poll for people to weigh in on what American city the Traveling Trash Men should visit next.

The group told WBFF that it coordinated with Baltimore’s Department of Public Works to determine what parts of the city it should clean up and that everyone is welcome to join them in their efforts. All the trash will be dumped in one of the city’s landfills.