2 arrested in killings of USC graduate students, LA police say

Los Angeles police said Friday that they arrested two suspects in the killings of two Chinese graduate students who were shot to death near the University of Southern California campus last month.

LAPD Detective Gus Villanueva announced the arrests and had no further details pending a news conference scheduled for 7:30 p.m. PDT.

Ming Qu, of Jilin, and Ying Wu, of Hunan, were shot on April 11 while sitting in a BMW about a mile away from the campus. Both students were 23 years old.

The shooting sent shockwaves through the school, which has the largest number of international students of any U.S. university. Roughly 19 percent of the school's 38,000 students are from overseas, including 2,500 from China.

After the shooting, Wu was found in the passenger seat and Qu on the steps of a nearby house where he collapsed while trying to summon help, police said.

The campus is located in an urban center a few miles south of downtown. It is across the street from county museums and not far from the Staples Center arena and a gentrifying area of Victorian homes. Yet it also was known as an area that had faced high crime and gang activity.

The victims' parents filed a lawsuit on Wednesday alleging the school made false claims about safety in the "frequently asked questions" section of its online application.

The 15-page lawsuit accuses USC of hiding behind the word "urban" and not saying the school is in a high-crime residential area. It also notes that Chinese students in particular would interpret urban to mean USC is in a safe area.

"The `urban' representation misled Chinese students, including Ming Qu, into believing the area is safe since in China, the more urban the area, the safer the area," the lawsuit states, claiming USC understood this is how Chinese students would interpret the description.

USC lawyer Debra Wong Yang said the university was deeply saddened by the deaths but found the lawsuit to be baseless.

The school and city police announced new security measures after the slayings and promised more video cameras, escorts and patrols.

The additional security will include sending over 30 more officers to the department division that handles the USC area, and the university will pay for four additional officers to patrol the student residential neighborhoods, Police Chief Charlie Beck said.