1 police officer dead, another wounded after Utah gunfight

A veteran Utah police officer is dead and so is the man suspected of shooting him after a car crash investigation turned deadly on Sunday morning, FOX13 reported.

Another officer, who was shot three times during the incident, was undergoing surgery Sunday evening, according to a reporter from KSL.com.

Unified Police Officer Doug Barney, an 18-year veteran and a father of three, was originally listed in critical condition but eventually died from a gunshot wound to the head. Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder announced the news Sunday evening, ABC4 reported.

Police are searching for a woman who also was involved in the episode. It is unknown if she is armed.

"We do not know who she is as of yet," Lt. Lex Bell said earlier on Sunday, according to KSL.com. "I understand she is a white female with blonde hair, and that's about all that I have."

Cops were responding to a traffic accident in Holladay when a man, later named as Cory Lee Henderson, and the unidentified woman fled from a Black BMW 3-series sedan. Cops pursued the pair on a foot and a firefight ensued.

"Ultimately, there was a confrontation," Bell said.

Henderson was pronounced dead at the scene, according to FOX13. Winder said Henderson fired the shot that struck Barney in the head.

The search continues for the woman.

“Our suggestion would be shelter in place, stay inside if you can,” Bell told KSL.com. “I know there may be people travelling from church, which is okay, but if they could at all help it, try to limit their being outside. We’re going to have police canines in the area and helicopters. The more we can eliminate interference by these other people, and concentrate on the one person we’re looking for, it makes it a lot easier.”