Would you buy a $750 gold cupcake?

In Las Vegas, some high rollers are spending more money on a single pastry than most folks spend on their entire wedding cake.

It’s called the ‘Decadence D’or’ cupcake and it costs $750. The opulent pastry is served at the Venetian and Palazzo resorts. The cupcake itself is comprised of a red velvet cake base, topped with 14 karat gold and luxurious Louis XIII cognac.

“It’s got a really delicious chocolate flavor," pastry chef Michelle Turbano told FoxNews.com. “Really marvelous.”

Executive Chef Johann Springinsfeld starts the base with a crumbly red velvet cake. He then fills it with a fine chocolate ganache and handmade vanilla bean caviar.

The confection is adorned with a hand-blown sugar Fleur-De-Lis and then infused with the luxurious Louis XVIII cognac-- which retails for over $2,500.

The cupcake is finished with a chocolate dome that’s  been covered with 14 karat gold flakes, gold caviar and the pricey cognac emblem.

The cupcake is so special that it is currently only made-to-order and then hand delivered to guests’ rooms.

FoxNews.com got to taste the cupcake without the pricey gold and top shelf liquor.

So is it worth the money?

Customers certainly do get a lot of bang for their buck with plenty of decadent dessert flavors mixed together: a creamy vanilla bean caviar, rich chocolate ganache and a fluffy velvet cake. For chocolate lovers, this could be a dream come true but if red velvet isn't your thing, look the other way. Of course it's extreme, but we certainly enjoyed the over-the-top treat.

The Venetian and Palazzo have sold about a dozen of the specialty cupcakes since they were first released in 2009.

Some may say it's crazy to spend $750 on one cupcake. But for those who love extreme desserts-- or big winners at the craps table-- this might be the crown jewel.