Star Traveler: John Oates' Hawaii

John Oates has earned many loyal fans throughout the years as one half of the rock and roll band “Hall and Oates” and these days they can also enjoy his solo music as he rocks out a new album “Mississippi Mile ” that’s full of Americana Blues. The life of a rock star does keep one busy on the road, so when it comes to travel destinations it’s safe to say he’s an expert and he tells Travel why he chooses Hawaii as his choice spot to vacation when he does get that well deserved time off.

John, is there a place that you've been to recently on vacation that you had a particularly good time at?

"Well as my son says, 'Dad how come we never go on vacation', I said we travel for a living. But actually there has been. On the way back from Japan recently we stopped in Hawaii and we love Hawaii. We love all the islands. And we stopped in Honolulu and we have some really nice friends there and they showed us a great time. And we also love the island of Kauai. A good friend of mine Donovan Frankenwriter who's an artist and songwriter friend of mine lives there and we're going back again in August. So if I had to pick one I'd have to say Kauai."

Where do you stay on Kauai?

"The place we like to go is on the north shore of Kauai it's called Hanalei. It's a very small little village, beautiful beaches and what I really like too, coming from Colorado and being used to hiking a lot, they have this incredible hike called the Na Pali coast. It's a classic hike. And it's the type of hike you can really go a long way, spend the night overnight or you can do day trips. And it's just absolutely beautiful it goes all along the ocean, up along these cliffs you look down over the ocean, waterfalls, it's really spectacular. It's really feels like you're in Jurassic Park in a way it really feels like you're out there. And I love that, I love the fact that it's not real built up, it's rural and raw and wild and it's really great to be there."

What do you do when you're there?

"Well I'm not that much of a water man, I've been living in the mountains for 23 years in Colorado, so the frozen water part I've got covered. It's the liquid water part that throws me. I'm into stand up paddling. My son loves scuba diving. I like to snorkel a little bit and I tried surfing, but I think the stand up paddling is my new thing."

Are there any restaurants on the island that you like?

A: There's plenty of great restaurants, I don't really recall one in particular that sticks out, most of the time we try to cook our own food we try to relax when we're there get a place that has a kitchen. That's more our style I think. Because we eat in restaurants every night, that's pretty much a way of life for us so when we get an opportunity to cook and just have our own thing it's a little more relaxing for us."

You've been to Oahu, too. What's fun to do there?

"Oahu is the main island with Honolulu as the big city, as you probably know, and you know in the past when I was there I kind of thought of it as - well it's the big city it's a place to stop before you go to the outer islands. But honestly we met some really cool people who live there and we started to understand a little more about the Hawaiian culture, the old culture of the ocean and how important it is to the Hawaiian people. We got to go on an outrigger canoe here, again stand up paddling, things like that. But it's really it's kind of like - Honolulu is a lot cooler than I first thought because it's really got a little bit of everything it's got the city, it's got shopping, it does have great restaurants and things like that. And then you also have the amazing beaches. So you know, it's a great stopover. I think now when we go back to Hawaii we'll stop in Honolulu at least for a few days before we go to the outer islands and then kind of really get native."

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