Smart luggage for the high-tech traveler

What's the latest in travel gear?  It's no longer about  size or durability.  It's all about how you communicate with your bags and gadgets and where to plug in.

Smart luggage and gear has been on display this week at the Travel Association show in Las Vegas, which ends Thursday. got to test some of the latest cutting edge travel products that could help reduce some headache on your next trip.

Here are some of the coolest:

Plug it in and weight it out

Perhaps one of the most innovative pieces on the market is the IQ by Andiamo.

The suitcase has a USB port to charge your phone and a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can connect you device. Just download the app and you can remotely lock or unlock the case from your smartphone.

Also with IQ you'll have no more overweight charges.

“When you lift the main handle on the luggage the number on your phone will change to let you know what the exact weight of your luggage is,” said Yi Zhang, Andiamo project manager.

Lock it up

If you worry about keeping track of a key or combination on a standard lock, you might want to try the new smart lock by Egee Touch.

It comes with a paper-thin tab you can keep in a purse or wallet. Just wave it by the censor and it unlocks. You can also use a cell phone app to control the lock.

Charger that speaks to you

Forgetting a phone charger in a hotel room can be a mistake that puts a dent in your pocketbook and productivity.

The Charger Leash is a new phone charger that alerts you with an alarm if you’re about to walk away from the charger still in the wall.

Coffee-friendly roller

How many times have you been in an airport trying to balance maybe a bag of food, a smart tablet, hot coffee and a cell phone? New luggage by VisionAir lends you a helping hand with a built in cup holder to hold your beverage and a slot for your smart pad.