Frisky pelican attempts to bite woman’s head off

Here's another reminder why you shouldn't feed the animals.

A Russian tourist was caught trying to feed a pelican a piece of fruit when the long-beaked bird decided he was craving a different type of snack.

A funny video captures the large bird getting friendly with the tourist, until things take a strange turn. The woman first tries feeding the bird some banana but as his beak snaps down on her arm, the woman barely flinches nor does she attempt to flee. Maybe pelican beaks aren’t as fierce as they look.

The videographer laughs while the undeterred bird tries again—this time clasping his beak around the woman’s face and neck. Still, the tourist remains relatively unfazed, giggling while the bird feebly attempts to swallow her head.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was visiting an Egyptian resort when the pelican encounter occurred.

Pelicans usually eat fish but it looks like this little guy may have developed more exotic tastes.