Delta passenger records baggage handler 'recklessly' throwing bags, dropping stroller on ground

After seeing the latest viral airport video, you won’t be surprised next time your luggage arrives in less than ideal condition.

Delta passenger Joshua Swain Firth was at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Wednesday when he spotted employees tossing suitcases and a stroller down a chute to be loaded onto the plane, Inc. reports.

Firth recorded the workers, noting the lack of care taken to ensure the luggage didn’t get damaged.

In the video, one suitcase is thrown with the handle still up and a stroller is tossed so carelessly enough that it bounces off the chute and falls to the ground.

“We witnessed this Delta Air Lines baggage handler recklessly tossing bags and a strollers yesterday. He was assaulting those bags. But the stroller was attempted murder,” Firth wrote on Facebook, where he posted the video.

Many people commenting on the video expressed their anger over the ways the luggage was being handled, with others sharing stories of how their own luggage had been damaged in the past.


“See they always act like they don’t know how or why our bags are damaged. Smfh... this is disgusting. He doesn’t even know how hard people work to have their things,” one person wrote.

“Yup they broke the handle on my $500 stroller!” someone else wrote.

“Broke my $500 stroller last week in Atlanta. We landed and the wheel was sitting right next to it. Had to run to my connecting flight with a 3 wheel stroller,” another person commented.

Others weren’t surprised with the video, noting that it might not be realistic for the workers to handle every piece of luggage with extreme care.

“…are we all really expecting for them to gently place everyone's 50 - 70lb luggage on the conveyor belt, especially in this instant gratification world we live in? I think it's an unrealistic expectation,” someone commented.

“I don't think the guy was being reckless…ppl are waiting on their luggage so u have unload as quickly as possible. Then y'all would be complaining that the luggage taking to long! The stroller just happen to bounce up,” another person wrote.

A spokesperson for Delta Air Lines released the following statement to Fox News: "We apologize for the lack of care demonstrated while handling the stroller in this video and are following up directly with the employee to ensure better handling in the future. This is in no way representative of the great work Delta people do each day as they help thousands of customers and their bags safely reach their destination.”


A similar video went viral earlier this year, when a baggage handler at the Honolulu Airport was recorded throwing suitcases down the chute.

Hawaiian Airlines responded to the video, apologizing for the way the luggage was being handled. “…we're very sorry to see this and appreciate you bringing it to our attention,” the carrier tweeted from their official account. “The way these bags were handled is not acceptable and our Airport Operations Management team is addressing this situation. Thank you.”