Couple handing free Hawaii vacation to 'most loving person'

When Cody and Eva Borek of Alberta, Canada, bought a new SUV, they won a five-day trip to Hawaii, complete with free airfare and five-star hotel accommodations—and decided to pay it forward instead of taking the trip themselves.

And so they created a Facebook page to help in their search for the "most loving person," which they initially confined to central Alberta but have opened up to all of North America.

The Christian couple are looking to award the trip to someone "who lives like Christ," though that person doesn't have to be Christian or even religious, but "loving, forgiving, caring, and compassionate," reports ABC News.

Nominations will be accepted through Jan. 24, and more than 5,000 poured in between Christmas and New Year's Eve, UPI reported Wednesday, with one man, John Myslicki, topping the charts with more than 100 nominations.

An avid traveler without a current passport, Myslicki wrote to Cody that he hoped they'd "pick someone who has never had the opportunity to travel," to which Cody replied, "He's like Santa Claus." (CBC News notes the retired teacher looks like Santa, too.) With so many nominations to look through, Eva and Cody have decided to put the names of the 10 most nominated people in a hat and draw the winner on Jan. 25.

In the meantime, they say they've enjoyed sharing the heartwarming stories of Good Samaritans around the world. (Read about one Good Samaritan from Maine.)

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