Cardiff, Wales in 5…

Indulge in the opportunities within Cardiff, Wales. Whether you’re a Dr. Who buff, a foodie, or a sports fanatic, Cardiff is home to a wide array of unforgettable attractions.  Be sure to stop by Cardiff Bay for some watersports, and then relax at a five-star hotel. Finally, top off your trip with an enriching visit to Castle and Victorian mansion.  Whatever your plans, don’t skip these five spots on your trip to Cardiff, Wales.

5…Get behind the scenes with Dr. Who
Check out BBC studios in Cardiff Bay to get the inside scoop on the production of British SciFi smash hit Dr. Who. Visit the set and see how all the magic comes together to create one of Britain’s most popular television shows.

Located nearby, don’t miss the Dr. Who Experience, an interactive attraction that gives fans a chance to be involved in their very own time-traveling journey. Complete with props, costumes, and even the TARDIS itself, face all of Dr. Who’s adversaries in this unique spectacle.

4…Cardiff Bay
As the city’s largest new development, Cardiff Bay’s freshwater pond is perfect for making a splash with some exciting water sports. Afterward, dry off and rest up at five-star resort St. David’s Hotel and Spa. With its luxurious rooms and Marine Spa, the hotel does not disappoint.

For an inexpensive, original way to check out the city, hop aboard the aqua bus and take a guided tour and see all Cardiff has to offer. Not to be missed are visits to the Senate, the new home of the Welsh Parliament, or Welsh Millenium Center, the most notable venue for the country’s arts.

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3…Millennium Stadium
With 74,000 seats, the iconic arena regularly puts on exhilarating events. Whether you’re into rugby or rock stars, a ticket to Millenium Stadium makes for a remarkable night. Root for the Dragons, Wales’ soccer team, as they fight to win on the field…just remember that across the pond, they call it ‘football.’

To get even deeper into the arena, take a guided tour and visit the teams’ locker room, walk down the players’ tunnel, and even sit in the royal box. With such a huge range of breath-taking events, Millenium Stadium is a Cardiff must-see.

2…International Food & Drink Festival
This exciting summer celebration hosts hundreds of vendors from around the globe. From savory snacks to sweet treats, enjoy these cultural taste sensations that have all come together in Cardiff. Nestled at the waterfront of Cardiff Bay, the International Food & Drink Festival offers chocolates, cheeses, olive oil, and the like to tickle your taste buds.

Music from around the world accompanies the showcase, including Soul, Jazz and Country tunes to accent your taste experience. Hilarious comedic entertainment can also be found with a simple walk through the white tents of the festival itself.

1…Cardiff Castle and Victorian Mansion
Cardiff Castle may be located in Wales, but its placement on the site of a Roman fort lends itself to various architectural influences of the ancient civilization, including Roman walls and keep. This awe-inspiring monument contains almost 2,000 years of history.

After a visit to the castle, continue your trip and see the Victorian Mansion. With its beautiful architecture and refurbished interior, this historic home is a must-see. Take a tour of the mansion to see its beauty both inside and out. From its striking clock tower to the mansion’s fine art, take a step into the Victorian age at this timeless monument.