You've Decided, We Report: Facebook Users Incensed Over Update

You've spoken, and you're not happy.

Over 100,000 people watched Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unveil new changes, tweaks and features to the world's most popular social network Thursday -- the majority of them angry over changes to the website.

The company rolled out changes to the home pages of its 750 million users on Wednesday, and even more changes were announced Thursday at the annual f8 developer conference in San Francisco.

Dressed in a gray T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, Zuckerberg described the new Timeline feature as an "important next step to help you tell the story of your life."

Timeline is essentially a virtual algorithmic scrapbook that gives users a “brand new way to express who they are.” It aggregates and organize your profile chronologically, allowing easy access to specific moments in your Facebook history.

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“It’s a great way to discover what people have been doing their whole life,” Zuckerberg proclaimed at the event.

The company also expanded on its ubiquitous "like" button; Facebook will now let you connect to things even if you don't want to "like" it.

"We are making it so you can connect to anything you want. Now you don't have to like a book, you can just read a book," he said. "You don't have to like a movie; you can just watch a movie."

Many users didn't seem to "like" the changes. asked Facebook users what they thought of the updates, and the consensus was clear: Facebook is losing face.

“Too many changes too fast…” – Mike Lasocki

“I’m torn. Kind of like it. Kind of overwhelmed. Gotta play with it a little more I guess.” – Allison Marie de Nijs

“I mostly hate that they’re stealing ideas from Google+.” – Alan Mizel Herrera

“It sucks and they need to change it back (or at least give us the option to use the old layout if we wish)!!!” – John H. Harris

“Change it back!!!” – Anna Dobritt

“All this complaining, yet six months from now people will be used to it and won't be complaining about it anymore. This happens every time Facebook rolls out a change.” – Christopher Camacho

“I loathe it. I don’t need Facebook deciding what’s important to me and I don’t need the dozen or so extra lists.” – Annie Haynes

“WTF? I feel like I have Alzheimer’s.” – Mik Colchiski

“It’s ugly, too complicated, too busy, and this change without consulting people beforehand is downright insulting. They didn’t even give us an option of turning this thing off after trying it. Arrggghhh.” – Sherry Schwartz

“Hate it.” – Amber Sullins

“I don’t like the idea of Facebook deciding what IT thinks I want / should see on my news feed. It’s censorship by omission.” – Matt Bearup

“I like the change and the flexibility! Maybe the complainers would like to go back to TVs that you had to change channels with a knob! Change is good, embrace it!” – Gary Miller

“Just another reason to use Google+” – Dan Van Horn

“Ugh.” – Maria Whitehead

“I’ve yet to see a website change that didn’t have similar frothing at the mouth. I’m neither thrilled with the new changes, nor longing for the old changes. Just sighing and getting on with it.” – Cynthia Brennemann

“Basically, it sucks. They need to quit trying to “keep up with the Googles” and just be the best version of Facebook. Facebook works (worked) because it was simple, uncluttered, and din’t require any thought process. Now, not so much. Ugh.” – Liz Blocher Charron