'Twilight' fans targeted in Facebook scam

As fans of the "Twilight" series prepare for the highly anticipated release later this week of "Breaking Dawn: Part 2," scammers are exploiting that excitement on Facebook.

"To celebrate we're giving away FREE Twilight Vampire contacts," reads the bogus page, which has already gained nearly 40,000 mostly young, female fans, according to the Hot for Security blog.

Taking the bait, though, won't change your eyes' color — but your face may turn red in aggravation.

Only after "liking" and sharing the scam post are fans told to click on a "consumer reward" link that leads to phishing forms, and never to the promised contacts.

On the phishing page, victims are asked to select their desired contact colors and enter their email addresses. Clicking through leads to yet another phishing page where users are promised free tickets and asked for even more sensitive information.

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    Filling out the forms gives criminals all they need to commit bank fraud, steal your identity and cause you headaches.

    These tactics aren't new. Online criminals base their scams on headlines and trends all the time, using everything from iPhones to faux Twitter hacks.

    In fact, this isn't even the first Twilight scam Facebook fans have dealt with. In August, fans were duped into clicking on an alleged death video featuring series star Robert Pattinson. Before that, a game that contained a phishing questionnaire stole user details.

    "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" opens in the U.S. on Nov. 16. Wear glasses.

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