Thieves break in to Microsoft, steal only Apple iPads

Insult, meet injury.

A cat burglar broke into a Microsoft campus in California over the Christmas holiday and swiped a pile of Apple iPads -- leaving the Microsoft products untouched, Sgt. Sean Thompson of the Mountain View Police Dept. confirmed.

“Pretty wacky,” Thompson told

The thief or thieves broke in to the facility -- Microsoft Building 5 at 1075 La Avenida -- some time between Dec. 19 after 5pm and Dec. 26 at 10:30am, Thompson said.

“There’s no forced entry so we don’t know how they got in … but the bottom line is they stole five Apple iPads,” he said.

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The choosy crook swiped two iPad 2s, two iPad 3s and what was described as an “iPad 4,” according to the Palo Alto Daily Post, a local newspaper that initially reported the news and does not immediately archive all issues online. Those stolen products were worth about $3,000, the paper said.

Microsoft uses that building to develop software for Apple products, explaining the presence of the iPads, according to reports.

Police and Microsoft are reviewing security tapes, but so far there are no suspects, Thompson said, noting that the case has been referred to detectives for follow up.

Diana Cansino, a Microsoft spokesman, did not answer requests for more information.