Sunflex Introduces Unu: World's First Tablet, Gaming Controller and Smart TV Dock in One

It seems everyone wants in on the Android as gaming device lately. Between the Ouya and Nvidia devices getting tons of press, we wonder if there's room for one more. Sunflex is certainly hoping so. Previously hinted at with codenamed Snakebyte Eins at Gamescon 2012, the Unu is making its official debut today at CES 2013 here in Las Vegas. Unu is an Android tablet, gaming device, smart TV accessory and more.

In addition to the TV docking station, this gaming/entertainment accessory comes with a game controller and air mouse for controlling the slate when docked. That means you can easily play "Angry Birds" from the couch, or check your email using the air mouse. The Controller works just like you'd expect a gaming controller to, thanks to integrated button mapping.

The company is making some big boasts as to the unu's future.

"It’s the entertainment center of tomorrow. 2013 is going to be a great year as we present our customers with unu™, the first optimally-tuned Android system that addresses all their entertainment and gaming needs."

We can't wait to get our hands on this device and to get more details. Stay tuned for more.