RIM Shows Off BlackBerry 10's Gaming Prowess

The perception of RIM's BlackBerry ecosystem is that it's only meant for business use; too stuffy. The company tried to change that by introducing some standard games to the equation with its Blackberry PlayBook, but it's handsets remained largely without any entertainment prospects.

With BlackBerry 10's new touchscreen interface, however, it looks like mainstream mobile games will finally be making their way to BlackBerry devices. During its keynote today, RIM's team lead for gaming, Sean Paul Taylor showed off some of the games that will be coming to BlackBerry 10.

Of the four games shown during the keynote, four were rehashes of titles we've already seen on Android and iOS including Shark Dash, Jetpack Joyride, and Shadowrun. Each game appeared to run smoothly and without and hiccups, although and real impressions will have to wait until we can actually get our hands on them.

The one game that did interest us was the space shooter Alpha Zero. RIM says the game is brand new and will make its big debut on BlackBerry 10. Taylor says the game supports multitouch gestures, allowing users to control their ship's lasers by moving two fingers around the screen.

That was it for the games RIM was showing off for its new OS. There also wasn't any mention of the number of games that will be available for the operating system at launch. If RIM really wants to drop its stodgy image, it'll have to offer users far more entertainment options than what we've seen.