There's a good chance of some overlap between those of you who subscribe to Amazon Prime and also happen to have a Nintendo Switch in your home. If that's the case, Amazon has a new perk for you in the form of a free subscription offer.

As Ars Technica reports, by subscribing to Prime you are also entitled to sign up for Twitch Prime for free, which gets you free games and a few exclusives. The latest of those exclusives is a 12 month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, which is Nintendo's premium online service for the Switch console.

The offer is already available and runs until Sept. 24. The Switch Online service usually costs $19.99 for the year, so it's a saving worth making if you're already paying for Prime and own a Switch. I'm sure this will encourage a few Prime subscribers to actually go out and purchase a Switch, too.

The offer also stacks, so if you already have an active subscription to Switch Online, this offer counts as extra months that get added on to the end. However, the offer is split in two so as to ensure one-month Amazon Prime subscribers don't take advantage. At first, you'll gain three months of free access to Switch Online, but then after 60 days, you can add the other nine months.

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In summary, if you already subscribe to Prime and own a Switch, this offer is a no-brainer you should grab before September. Alternatively, if you're going to buy a Switch soon, this is a great offer to keep in mind, especially if you're already paying for Prime.

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