Parisians harness #PorteOuverte hashtag to help people affected by terror attacks

Residents of Paris are using the hashtag #PorteOuverte or “Open
Door,” to offer support and shelter to people affected by Friday’s terror attacks.

With the French Capital reeling from the series of coordinated attacks and a mandatory curfew in force, Parisians quickly harnessed the power of social media to provide safety.

In a brief address Friday French President Francois Hollande
declared the entire nation under a state of emergency and ordered all borders closed, saying “unprecedented terror attacks were underway.” The closures mean no one can leave or enter the nation until the order is lifted.

Facebook also activated its Safety Check feature in response to the Paris attacks. Designed for times of disaster or crisis, Safety Check lets users in a specific area notify friends and family that they are safe. Users can also check on others in the affected area and mark friends as safe.