Talking to your car is about to feel a lot less robotic and a lot more natural. Nuance Communications, the folks behind Dragon Naturally Speaking, have announced Dragon Drive!, a new in-car voice recognition platform that the company says will allow drives to use a more conversational tone while using voice commands in their vehicles.

Nuance says Dragon Drive!, which will be fully integrated into driver's vehicles, will allow users to control both the embedded and connected features of their in-car infotainment systems.

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The platform will not only take advantage of Nuance's voice recognition expertise, but will also use the company's array microphone and noise cancelling technology to help ensure that Dragon Drive! is able to listen to and accurately translate a user's voice.

Nuance's voice recognition technology is already used by several major automakers, but what sets Dragon Drive! apart is the fact that it has been developed from the ground up for use in the new generation of connected cars.

The company is rolling out Dragon Drive! in phases this summer. The first portion of the platform to hit the market will be Dragon Drive! Messaging, which will allow users to write and send text messages and emails using just their voice.

According to Gigaom, Dragon Drive! takes advantage of available 3G and 4G connections to access Nuance's web-based language server enabling the platform to better interpret users' commands.