Nokia Lumia 900's Limited Edition with Bat Signal

As millions pour into movie theaters this July to see Batman kick crime's butt in The Dark Knight Rises, Nokia will give the world a chance to make calls using the Bat Signal.

Its limited edition Batman-themed Lumia 900 features a sleek, minimalist design of black and silver, with the only indication that the smartphone is Batman-themed being its Bat Signal below the camera lens on its back. The phone will reportedly be available in the United Kingdom and a few other European countries in a few weeks, but no concrete details beyond that have surfaced.

A Batman-themed version of the Nokia Lumia 800 was available in December of last year, but only 40 units were available worldwide. And Nokia isn't the first to take advantage of the superhero craze to make limited edition phones - Motorola released an Ironman Android phone several years ago.