'Nightmare-inducing' robots are now able to do backflips

If you thought the rise of the machines was going to take years – think again.

Boston Dynamics, the company known for its terrifying-looking robots, has released a new video of its humanoid robot. Ordinarily, this would be cause for attention, but the new video shows the robot jumping from block to block and it eventually does a backflip, further casting a light on our robot-pocalypse future.

A number of commenters on the video expressed their concerns about what they witnessed, with one describing it as "scary but amazing." Another said he could envision it having a machine gun in 10 years, while another joked and said "Boston Dynamics is determinated to erradicate the human race and make the real Terminator one of these years."


If that wasn't enough to creep you out, the 54-second video even shows the robot raising its arms in triumph. At the end, the robot does fail, falling off one of the blocks in an apparent attempt at humor.

Boston Dynamics has acknolwedged that its robots can cause fear, with its CEO, Marc Raibert, once making a joke about it in a presentation.

In February, Raibert showed off the wheeled version of one of its robots and described it as "nightmare-inducing."

"This is the debut presentation of what I think will be a nightmare-inducing robot if you're anything like me," Raibert is quoted as saying.

Earlier this week, Boston Dynamics, which was sold by Google to Japanese tech conglomerate Softbank in June, showed off its SpotMini robot dog in a new video. SpotMini received a paint job and was put on grass in an attempt to make it less terrifying.

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