New Griffin Case Keeps iPhone 5 Alive in Nearly 10 Feet of Water

It’s warm somewhere and you can book those snorkeling vacation packages a little easier now that Griffin has announced the Survivor + Catalyst for iPhone 5, a case that’s liquid-tight and protects your iPhone even as it’s submerged up to 9.8 feet.

Announced here at CES 2013, the $79.99 case allows your iPhone’s touchscreen to work under water, making it useful for capturing photos and shooting video of Sebastian and friends under the sea. The phone’s screen is wrapped in a high-impact crystal casing that’s part of the protective membrane Griffin, and its partner, fellow case-maker Catalyst, call the “O-ring”. iPhone adventurer travelers can double-check that the O-ring is secure even as they hold the device, lending some real confidence that their smartphone is safe as ocean waves crash around them or rain starts to pour down on the touchscreen.

The protection goes beyond concerns of sogginess, too. Drop-tested to protect the iPhone 5 from clumsy falls up to 6.6 feet, the Survivor + Catalyst also includes a rubberized exterior with portholes for the headphone jack, Lightning port, and soft exterior buttons for volume controls.

Look for the Survivor + Catalyst from Griffin later this month. And keep an eye out for the $29.99 Survivor Clear as well. These thinner iPhone 5 cases aren’t as water-tight as the Survivor + Catalyst, but they do pack an equally responsive touch-screen cover and similar rubberized impact protection for a more budget-minded price. Not everyone needs to go swimming with their iPhone 5.