If you've ever wished you could have a wall outlet in your pocket for powering your gadgets, the Nectar Mobile Power by Lilliputian may make your dreams a reality. Announced at CES 2013, Nectar is a "plug-less" charger, getting its power from Power Cartridges, called "pods," rather than traditional wall outlets. The company claims that an individual power cartridge can power or recharge CE devices for several weeks.Rather than a traditional lithiom-ion battery, Nectar uses a proprietary Silicon Power Cell technology. Compared to battery alternatives, the company boasts a 5x to 10x runtime improvement, while the product weighs 10 to 20x less on average. While Nectar is Lilliputian's first product, this Silicon Power Cell technology can provide power up to 24 Watts, meaning that laptop chargers may be in the company's future.

Nectar is also engineered to be environmentally friendly, claiming six times more efficiency than a traditional charger, potentially cutting consumers' carbon footprint by 83 percent. It has also been approved by both the US Department of Transportation and the UN International Civil Aviation Organization, meaning the MPS could be the perfect travel companion.

Lilliputian Systems is partnering exclusively with Brookstone for the release of the Nectar. The unit will cost $299 and includes one pod. Additional pods will be available in packs of two for $19.99. There isn't a release date yet, but we hope to bring you more details soon.