Missing from CES: 'Snortable' technology

Forget wearable tech, how about technology that you can snort?

Disappointed with the gizmos showcased at last week's 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, tech columnist Al Lewis writes that he wants want microscopic microchips that he can snort.

Smart toothbrushes and curved televisions aren't enough, Lewis wants the microscopic tech to do everything for you from instantly sending out tweets to letting you know when you're out of beer.

"Once up my nose, these chips would sync with my neurons and do everything for me," he wrote for the Wall Street Journal.

Smartphones are the predecessors to 'snortable' technology, he said. Microscopic nasal chips are the future.

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Lewis wish list didn't stop at nasal tech; he also wants "electronic underwear that flashes my sentiments to the Transportation Security Administration when they force me through their body scanners" at next year's show.

Lewis' article didn't raise one question, though: What happens when you sneeze?

For now, we'll stick to our smartphones.