Road-tripping this summer? Although many nowadays simply use their smartphones for GPS navigation, Magellan's latest GPS family will get you to your destination quickly and safely with its latest suite of features. The 2012 RoadMate portable auto navigation models were designed to save users' time and maximize convenience.

Features include Landmark Guidance, Traffic Camera Alerts, Best Parking, Speed Limits and Junction View. Landmark Guidance eliminates the need for drivers to scan for street names, which takes their concentration off the road in front of them. Instead, the GPS tells them to turn at familiar landmarks such as the local gas station or a popular restaurant.

Traffic Camera Alerts does just that, alerting drivers of upcoming red lights and speed cameras. Even if you're not using the GPS for navigation, this feature still works. Premium content for this feature, which alerts the driver of high accident areas, school zones and dangerous intersections, can be added for $29.99 per year.

The Best Parking feature links to BestParking.com, which locates parking garages for you, as well as where the entrances are and hours of operation. Speed Limits keeps the driver within the law, informing them when they're exceeding the speed limit. The Junction View feature shows an image of the road as well as outlines the lane the driver need to be in to safely execute their route.

The RoadMate line includes the following models: 2210, 2210T, 2220-LM, 2230T-LM, 5220-LM, 5230T-LM, 5235T-LM, ranging in price from $99.00 to $169.