Lenovo Claims Top Laptop Supplier Spot After Record-Breaking Quarter

While the rest of the PC market flounders and looks for a savior in Ultrabooks and Windows 8, Lenovo keeps quietly turning in quarter after quarter of massive growths and increasing profits. Newly released numbers from the company's most recent quarter continue the trend: Lenovo's $8.7 billion in sales marks its best three-month span ever, which helped propel the company to record levels of income and overall market share.

In other words, Lenovo and HP's fight over the number one PC supplier spot may be settled very, very shortly.

To be fair, that $8.7 billion figure includes Lenovo's non-PC segments as well, but Lenovo's bread-and-butter is laptops, and Lenovo's laptop segment did very well last quarter thanks to stellar offerings like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. In fact, things went so well that Lenovo officially laid claim to being the world's prolific laptop supplier after an 11.3 percent increase in shipments year-over-year, compared to an estimated 7 percent average decrease for the overall laptop market. That's good for 16 percent of the laptop market and more than $4.6 billion in worldwide sales.

Lenovo's desktop segment also posted strong numbers, increasing 5 percent year-over-year to $2.8 billion in sales, or about a third of the company's revenues.

The company's mobile and home division didn't do quite as well with "just" $718 million in worldwide sales, but that's still a 155 percent gain over last year's total. Lenovo's already the second-largest supplier of smartphone and tablets in China.

Hit Lenovo's press release for full nitty-gritty financial details.