iPad Finally Purchased, Teenagers Start Destroying

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After years of waiting, Apple has finally released the tablet computer fans have been panting after for years. To celebrate, a group of teenagers broke out a baseball bat and destroyed one.

The three teens purchased the iPad at a Best Buy store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before proceeding to destroy it on the sidewalk outside of the store. They recorded the destruction of their newly purchased gadget and posted the video to the YouTube video sharing site, where it's gone viral, having attracted nearly 280,000 views since April 3.

The Los Angeles Times caught up with Justin Kockott, the 19-year-old high school student who made the video titled "Brand new iPad getting smashed by a baseball bat." He told the newspaper, "I wanted to be the first one to do it before other people did it," adding that "it was just something to do."

"I knew some people would hate it, but I didn't think that many people would hate it," he said. "A lot of people are leaving really bad comments" on YouTube, he pointed out. Kockott told the Times he did not have anything against Apple and had actually bought two other iPads.

"I do not at all hate Apple. I love Apple, actually," he said.

Apple said Monday that it had sold more than 300,000 iPads on Saturday, the first day of availability.