Introducing Fox News -- in the Palm of Your Hand

Your number one source for fair and balanced news is finally available in an app for your iPhone. Now you can access the first and only news source you need in a portable format wherever you are.

With the Fox News iPhone app, you can receive news alerts, read headline news stories, stream live video, listen to Fox News Radio, browse through Fox News photo galleries and slideshows, and watch the latest video clips on demand -- and all for free.

Going beyond an ordinary news application, our app brings you a unique portable version of the TV channel and website custom-designed for the iPhone. Flip your iPhone into landscape mode and the desktop flips too to the Fox News Desktop, a brand new way to browse content.

In this mode, top stories and videos cycle through the app every few seconds (or you can swipe through yourself with a flick of your finger), and you can watch as the actual Fox News Channel ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen. Pull down the menu from the top of the screen and you can turn on the radio channel as well. Prop your phone on your desk or lap and you've got Fox News with you wherever you are.


Other features:

Live Video

Stream live breaking news events from America’s most trusted name. Make sure to sign up for breaking news alerts, and we’ll let you know when special events are available for live streaming.

Watch the Strategy Room, an exclusive live web program available every weekday for an entertaining discussion of the day's top stories, plus a variety of hour-long shows on topics including business, health, technology and entertainment.


Receive breaking news alerts for the day's top stories and videos, letting you stay on top of the day’s most important headlines.


Listen to Fox News Talk Radio live, while navigating through the Fox News app. To turn on Fox News Talk Radio, simply select the More button and follow instructions, or turn your phone to landscape mode to access the Fox News Desktop.


View the latest videos from the #1 cable news shows and anchors on the Fox News Channel. See when your favorite show is on and find out which guests will be appearing in advance.

Share / Save

Articles, photos and videos can be shared with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter, and can be saved to Favorites for viewing later.

Since the app is built for the iPhone, it will work on the iPad as well, although it won't deliver an experience that's custom tailored to the new tablet. But keep your eyes on We may just have a few more tricks up our sleeves.

We report. You decide … on-the-go!