HTC kicks off its Summer Sale event with a cool 25 percent off the HTC One M9 and more

Quickly becoming a yearly tradition for the company, HTC kicked off its Summer Sale event earlier today, offering sizable discounts for the One M9, Nexus 9, and a wide swath of accessories, including the Re camera.

Starting with the One M9, HTC is providing a 25 percent discount off the smartphone, effectively bringing the price down from $650 to $468.75. With the discount, HTC will also throw in its Uh-Oh protection plan, which nets you a replacement One M9 free of charge in the case of a broken display or water damage. At this sale price, it's much easier for us to recommend the One M9, which we thought was a good, but not great, smartphone when we reviewed it back in March.

The discounts don't end there, however, as HTC also offers a more substantial 40-percent discount for the Nexus 9 tablet. With the discount, the 16GB model goes from $400 to $239.40, while the 64GB variant goes from $479 to $287.40, rather impressive discounts for a tablet we gave an Editors' Choice award to when we reviewed it last November.

Not surprisingly, HTC left the biggest discounts for its accessories, including the oft-forgotten Re camera, meant to be a competitor to the GoPros of the world. With its 50 percent discount, the Re goes from $200 to $99.50, though such a price point has been rather common over the past few months. Looking elsewhere, the 50 percent discount also applies to everything from cases to earphones, with even the Nexus 9 keyboard case discounted from its normal $129 price tag to $64.50

If you want to take advantage of any of these deals, it'd be best to do so with haste. The Summer Sale only goes on today through 11:59pm PT, so you'd be doing yourself a favor if you think quickly.