Harman QuantumLogic 3D: A Concert Hall in Your Car

Audiophiles, rejoice: Harman has announced its new QuantumLogic 3D in-car audio system here at CES, and after spending time with the system, it seems safe to say that it's in a league of its own. QuantumLogic 3D, as its name suggests, gives listeners a three-dimensional surround sound experience that completely envelopes the listener in music.

We switched between listening to the several songs using QuantumLogic 3D and a stereo system and Harman system's superiority was astounding. It quite literally envelopes you in the audio

The system works by extracting audio streams including voices, instruments and spatial information from a single music source. Harman's Aesthetic Engine then processes the information and sends it to the appropriate speaker location, whether that be the ceiling, rear, doors or dash of the car, flooding your ears with the sonorous sounds of Michael Bublé, or Twisted Sister, whichever you prefer.

Harman demoed the system for us in a modified BMW, complete with five speakers located in the car's roof. As of yet, the company hasn't announced and partners for QuantumLogic 3D, but with the kind of sound it offers, we can't see it staying that way for long.