Hands On With the Brand New Twister Jacket for the iPad mini

Timbuk2's Twister Jacket, originally just for the Amazon Kindle Fire, has made its iPad mini debut here at CES 2013. Unlike many other iPad cases, including Apple's own Smart Cover, the Twister Jacket can be adjusted to any angle, in both portrait and landscape mode, thanks to the integrated velcro.

We grabbed our own iPad mini with LTE and slid it into the Twister Jacket with no issue at all. Once the tablet was secured into place, we could find the perfect angle for our use while in landscape mode. The part that is wrapped around the iPad mini attached and separated from the cover flap quickly and easily. The velcro provided enough strength so we weren't worried about it coming unstuck or slipping out of place, but it was easy enough to quickly change positions.

The iPad mini, while still in the Twister Jacket protector, separates completely from the cover flap and the back flap, allowing for a quick flip into portrait mode. Just like landscape, the angle could be easily adjusted using velcro. This was a particularly handy feature, as not many cases allow for angled propping while the iPad mini is in portrait mode.

There's an opening in the back for the camera as well as on the top and bottom for charging, listening to speakers, and using the headphones. This case is meant for full time use and full time protection. Velcro also secures the lid shut, so there won't be any accidental openings while inside a bag. The Twister Jacket does provide a little extra bulk, especially compared to the barely-there Smart Cover. But with the added bulk comes extra protection as well as more freedom to prop the device at the perfect angle.