Hands-on: Rolls Royce Phantom II Features Enhanced Navigation, LED Headlights

Who says tech can't be opulent? Rolls Royce has outfitted its new Phantom II with a few tech touches, perfect for techies that appreciate (and can afford) the finer things in life. Similar to the Ghost model, the Phantom has a large 8.8-inch display which is great for showing off the improved navigation system with the latest map data from BMW Group. Navigation, voice and audio can be accessed via quick touch buttons located in the command console. A large glossy black knob takes care of navigation within the system.

Big spenders that want the full tech luxury treatment can spring for the rear theater configuration. Decked out in chrome, the 12-inch displays fold out similar to an airplay tray. Content is controlled via a control panel similar to the front command console. Each backseat passenger can watch their own content. Unlike the navigation system, the displays will cost $1500 extra.

The Phantom also features energy-efficient LED headlights with curve technology, Following the direction of the steering angle, the headlight will adjust for turns automatically. The headlights can also determine weather conditions and will adjust accordingly. For example, on a foggy day, the car will automatically turn on the high beams. Thanks to speed sensors, the headlights will also adjust according to location. If you're driving through a town, the lights will shine in a wide cone, extending out as the speed increases.