Grandmother's heartwarming Google search goes viral

An 86-year-old U.K. grandmother’s extremely polite use of Google’s search engine has gone viral.

May Ashworth warmed hearts across the Internet when she typed “please” and “thank you” into Google's search engine while requesting a translation of the Roman numerals MCMXCVIII.

The Guardian reports that Ashworth’s grandson Ben John, who lives in Wigan, U.K., tweeted a picture of the search request, noting: “Omg opened my Nan's laptop and when she's googled something she's put 'please' and 'thank you'.”

John’s tweet was retweeted more than 23,000 times and garnered more than 34,000 likes. The grandmother’s impeccable manners also caught the attention of Google, which tweeted  “Dear Grandma, No thanks necessary,” from the company’s main Twitter account.

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Google UK also tweeted to Ashworth. “In a world of billions of Searches, yours made us smile,” it said, adding that the answer to her query is ‘1998.’

John told the BBC that his grandmother thought that search queries are handled by a physical person at Google and was under the impression that her politeness would speed up the search.